RAYLAB is an Italian innovative start-up, spin off of Politecnico di Milano.

Our focus on innovation led us to develop a completely new way of approaching the neutron spectrometry and radiation protection.

We want to improve the quality of life and safety of the people.


Starting from a strong knowledge of the scientific basis, we are working on the cutting edge of the radiation detection to design and develop innovative and safe solutions.

We are focused on high performance and high quality results connected with a smart way of use.


Direction-aware Isotropic and Active MONitor

with spectrometric capabilities

The new way of approaching the neutron spectrometry.

Fully charachterized from thermal to high energies at different facilities to be applied to the different workplaces of industry, medicine and research.

Zero setup time.

One shot measurement.

Real-time spectrum analysis.

Easy to use, DIAMON allows complex field reconstruction giving run-time information about the 3D neutron field direction!

Fully operational for a whole working day without power connections, rechargeable using a common phone charger.

You can control Diamon wireless from your tablet or smartphone.

No app required; No software installation needed.