The modern way of neutron monitoring


STARLITE is the innovative neutron detection device made by RAYLAB, engineered to redefine neutron monitoring.

STARLITE is designed for the measurement of dosimetric quantities of neutrons field such as ambient dose equivalent rate and the H*, the new dosimetric value recommended from ICRU standard.

Its smart and compact design, weighting only about 4 kg, combines accuracy across all energy levels, from thermal to 20 MeV, with ease of use, ensuring an unmatched user experience in the monitoring of neutron source, clearance materials and unknown nuclear waste. The device can be used both as a portable monitor or as a stationary measuring instrument for continuous monitoring.

STARLITE also provides a real-time 3D distribution reconstruction of the neutron field under investigation, featuring a neutron field direction viewer accessible both through the dedicated web page and the device’s intuitive touch-screen display.

STARLITE has an angular response variability over 4π of about 8% with thermal neutrons and up to 4% with faster neutrons.

You can control STARLITE remotely wired with an ethernet cable or wireless from your tablet, smartphone or laptop without any app or software installation thanks to the embedded firmware.

Designed for INDUSTRIAL, RESEARCH and MEDICAL environments such as nuclear power plants, research facilities, hospitals, etc., STARLITE allows users to control, prevent and mitigate undesired exposures to neutron’s dose.

In essence, we have engineered a device that not only meets the highest standards of accuracy but also prioritizes user convenience.

  • Monitor

    Dosimetric values monitoring in real time with a history log for each measurement.

  • Light and compact

    4 kg easy to handle.

  • Strong

    Compact and bold design in a sleek black aluminum case.

  • Accurate

    Ambient dose response linear at all neutron energies.

  • Smart

    Wi-Fi or ethernet controlled: no app or external software needed.

  • Field Direction

    Real-time reconstruction of the main direction of the neutron field.