is on the market!

We are delighted to introduce to you the latest breakthrough from RAYLAB: STARLITE, our innovative neutron detection device set to revolutionize the way we monitor neutron activity.

We’ve engineered STARLITE to redefine neutron monitoring, offering accuracy and reliability in a sleek, compact design. Weighting only about 4 kg, this device is designed for real-time monitoring of the ambient dose equivalent rate according to ICRP 74 standard and the ambient dose rate H*, the new dosimetric value recommended from ICRU 95 standard, according to user choice.
You can control STARLITE remotely wired with an ethernet cable or wireless from you preferred device without any app or software installation thanks to the embedded firmware. Inspired by DIAMON device, it features a neutron field direction viewer, accessible both through the dedicated web page and the intuitive device’s touch-screen display.

Whether you’re in research, industry, or medical environment, STARLITE is your ultimate solution for advanced neutron detection needs.

Experience the future of neutron monitoring with STARLITE.

Discover all the features of STARLITE.

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