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October 2021


DIAMON measurements presented at IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium – Japan

Measurements perfomed by BERN Laboratory for High Energy Physics (LHEP) team, in Switzerland, are presented at IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference. Neutron fluence rate, dosimetric quantities assessment and spectral intercomparison results are summarized in a preliminary work that will lead soon to an article publication. Dr. Casolaro Pierluigi, together with the research team of Prof. Saverio Braccini, tested DIAMON on very different conditions to characterize complex neutron fields such as those produced in a medical cyclotron for radioisotope production.

Special thanks from RAYLAB to LHEP group for this opportunity.


August 2021

DIAMON measurement campaign at CERF facility

Thanks to the continuative and excellent collaboration with people of the Laboratory for High Energy Physics (LHEP) in Bern, Switzerland, we performed a positive measurement campaign at the CERF facility at CERN with an HIGH-ENERGY version of DIAMON.


June 2021


RAYLAB presents DIAMON device and NECTAR project at ARAB HEALTH, the leading medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East.

VISIT us at H7.C10 live or online, clicking on this link.

Preliminary results of DIAMON measurements at BERN medical cyclotron are presented.

In collaboration with the Medical group of the LHEP of Bern University

Introduction to NECTAR, H2020 FET-OPEN funded project: an innovative and disruptive proposal for a completely new way of approaching Alzheimer disease treatment.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 964934

Project coordinator: Dr. Nicoletta Protti – University of Pavia – Italy

April 2021

DIAMON device chosen by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority chose DIAMON device to improve radiation protection monitoring procedures.

RAYLAB is very proud to collaborate with such important organization to improve safety and results reliability for swedish people.


January 2021


DIAMON device chosen by UniBERN – Switzerland

Laboratory for High Energy Physics (LHEP) in Bern, Switzerland, chose DIAMON to perform an accurate characterization of the irradiation facility working with the medical cyclotron operative at the Bern University Hospital (Inselspital).

November 2020

European H2020-FETOPEN GRANT awarded to RAYLAB

RAYLAB is very proud to announce that the H2020-FETOPEN GRANT has been achieved.

Collaboration with 7 top level partners will lead to a disruptive innovative therapy for Alzheimer.

NECTAR project will start in 2021.


July 2020

DIAMON NIM-A article

NIM-A scientific article on DIAMON

DIAMON measurement with standard reference AmBe source in Politecnico di Milano facility.

Accurate neutron field characterization in terms of dosimetric quantities, real time energy spectrum, field direction distribution and “tracking mode” option, able to follow the short time modification of the field.

In the following article all the main functionalities and the advanced features available on DIAMON by default are explained. A complete, easy, fast and fully operational interface, designed to be useful and ready to use.

Official publication available at this link:

April 2020

DIAMON device chosen by INFN – Rome

RAYLAB is very proud to announce that INFN – Rome chose DIAMON for the experiments into the Gran Sasso Laboratories.

A very important customer for RAYLAB to increase DIAMON potentialities and to improve performances and usability in a very new challenging measurement setup.


March 2020


High Energy DIAMON devices chosen by ISIS Neutron and Moun Source – Oxford, UK

One of the world-leading center for research, based at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, chose DIAMON devices to perform very accurate and innovative measurement campaigns and monitoring.

Excellent feedback provided after continuous use of DIAMON.

January 2020

DIAMON device chosen by EDF R&D – France

EDF R&D chose Diamon after intense measuring campaigns and comparison with many other devices within EDF facilities in France and SCK-CEN in Belgium.

Raylab is proud to support EDF in this Technical and scientific collaboration.
A publication with the results of the instruments intercomparison is expected shortly


November 2019


RAYLAB present at Neutron User club Meeting with DIAMON

RAYLAB is present at Neutron User’s Club Meeting with a speech, illustrating the possibilities unlocked by the innovation present in DIAMON device, its characterization and the scientific results obtained.

We are present with an exhibition stand and a poster of important results from a measurement campaign around a mox fuel container.

August 2019

DIAMON device tested at SCK-CEN – Belgium

Diamon participate to the measurement campaign at SCK-CEN in Belgium within the context of the PODIUM european project to allow the accurate characterization of the neutron field with reference sources and around a MOX fuel container.

Data presentation and following publications of different device comparison will be reported in PODIUM dissemination program.

DIAMON with MOX fuel container

May 2019


High Energy DIAMON device chosen by IRSN – Paris, France

RAYLAB is very proud to announce that IRSN chose DIAMON device to improve the quality and accuracy level of measurements of its facilities.

Dedicated customer care, services and training will be reserved to one of the most important company in the world for the radiation protection and more.

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    RAYLAB presents DIAMON

    The first neutron spectrometer able to give the field direction distribution and the spectrum assessment in real time.

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